DHG Design specialises in graphic

design and brand identity for small businesses.

​What I do in a nutshell...

  • Help establish and create brand identities for small to medium size businesses .

  • I design different areas of branding which range from - Social media assets, personalised business card designs, leaflets and more.

  • Recently I have branched out into specialist vector illustrations whilst also keeping up my work with text based logos.

My aim once I take on a project is to get to know you and your brand. If I understand your brand then I can better connect what you need content wise. I take pride in making sure the outcome of all my creations is a beautiful and effective brand presence. By taking the time to understand your brand I can then in return effectively tell your brand's story through standout and memorable design. 


As your industry changes so will your brands look and feel, this is where I come in. A change of branding can make the difference between winning over new clientele and retaining business.I’m here to help bring life to your ideas and reflect your brand's growth, using my designs.


Taking the plunge and starting a new business? Or do you have an amazing product/service that you’re ready to put out there? I am here to help guide you and make sure you convey your brand's message effectively. It is my goal to make your dreams a reality, taking those images in your head and bringing them to life for you to showcase.