Danielle Holly George

Hey all, welcome to my site! Let's start off by me introducing myself, my name is Danielle George and I am the owner of DHG Design.


After 3 - 4 years of working within social media and marketing I decided to set up my own design business on instagram DHG Design, I have worked hard over the last year building a clientele and offering graphic design to small businesses. All of my graphic work is self taught and I'm pretty proud of myself to say the least. Juggling a full time job as a Marketing Executive, various social media accounts and my design page has been a task but indeed a very rewarding one. 


As well as graphic design I also started selling beauty & home prints which are designed and printed by me, all from my bedroom! As I specialise in social media & marketing I have now also started offering Instagram hosting for busy business owners who don’t find the time do fit it in themselves. 


A little bit about me! I am 23 years of age and based in Kingston Upon Thames, I studied Media, IT & photography at A Level before starting my apprenticeship in admin. I never had an interest in going to university as I felt like learning whilst on the job was the best for me after 3 - 4 years I have built up knowledge in a range of different environments including the beauty & real estate industry. I am currently a partl time Marketing Executive whilst doing my design on the side, I plan to take DHG Design to the next level in order to fulfil my dream of running my business full-time.


In my free time I'm either out out with my girls/boyf or at home watching design tutorials on YouTube!