P olicies



I will send over three Logo design options & you will choose the one you prefer. You are then allowed up to 6 changes on the chosen design for free. After that all changes will have a £5 fee per change to cover time spent. Please understand that the more detail the brief is in the easier the design process will be. - This includes all changes to font, shape, background etc.  


Other Design Changes: 


You will be sent one - two design option which will be inline with your logo & brief which was either designed by me or by another designer. You are allowed up to 3 changes (text/copy not included) for free and then a £5 fee will be added per change. 


Any changes made to the information & copy of the design after payment then you will be asked to pay a £5 change fee. If you are making changes to the design you will pay the full amount of the design cost. - For example if you wanted to change just your prices there would be a £5 fee, if you wanted to completely change the layout & design you would need to pay full cost.



You are required to send over a full & detailed brief via email you will receive a template after purchase which can be sent back to daniellehollyg@icloud.com, any copy/ writing must be in a copy and paste format, I recommend to use word. Only once the brief is sent will you be booked in. Please feel free to attach any images or logos that you like, alternatively attach a drawing/ sketch of how you want it.




If you decide to change your complete brief after I have started on the first one then a fee will be added on top of your design bill (£25). This is to cover time spent on creating a new concept. So please be sure of what you want. - For example if you go from one logo brief (pink, gold with a cursive font) to (red, green & a bold font).


If you decide to make changes after the design is paid for and sent then you will be charged for an entirely new logo. - For example if you want to change your business name 6 months down the line.


Once the design process has started I am unable to make any refunds. If for some reason you change your mind after payment then please email daniellehollyg@icloud.com so we can discuss.